Not a duplicate here folks – just some of what I am sure make up TSA’s favorite photo albums.

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Indoctrination is  a  very interesting thing.  How  do you  accustom a population to having their civil liberties  encroached  upon?


Declare the  need  for  enhanced security and the need  to  remove  security  risks  that  would come from certain objects  or  personal  belongings.  Yell terrorist activity,  possible  endangerment  of a  flight  due to  liquids and gels (  in some  cases  even  breast milk and  that life threatening  full tube of  toothpaste).

Carry on until you take the  fight  out  of them.  Once  the populace  has become  accustomed to  being  molested  or  irradiated they are told  it is  safe  to  relax and  begin to allow   all the  items  they  told you  were a  danger to  your  safety.


It  seems  they are  no longer  dangerous  after all,  hehehehe,   Our Bad…..    But ,  good   news,  you  don’t have  worry because   we …

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