I’m guessing Israel has about a year left to exist what with us providing jets and tanks and weapons and money to their enemies. And – every man, woman and child there knows it. I suspect they cherish each morning they awake still alive. For shame, for shame.

The Mad Jewess

‘Zionist’ John Kerry Skips Israel, Has Lunch With Abbas- Obama Admin Is Neo-NAZI Wet Dream

And…people still think Kerry is a “Zionist” ROFL!    I find it interesting that I am right once again.  Our government is hijacked by Commies, not Zionists at all.   They HATE Israel you IDIOTS!!!  Kerry also sent 250 mill to Egypt. Why?  To murder Jewish “Apes and pigs”

Whose kidding who?  This administration LOVES Muslims and hearts a combination of Nazi-ism and Communism.  Isn’t is something that Nazi, Jew- haters love traitors if they hate Israel?  Sick lot of ‘people.’


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