For “The Mad Jewess” et al

Last night, one of the loves of my life introduced me to a website that just blew my mind and I spent hours looking at God’s artwork.  Not mankind’s.  God’s.  I was mindful the whole time that – there – is – definitely – something out there – bigger than ourselves.  You will probably agree by looking at the work below.

My concerns and cares were washed away for those hours.  Lyrics from a favorite song moved thru my mind – And all at once I knew that I was not magnificent.   I experienced feeling so small, and I experienced being part of something that is – much bigger, and that is truly magnificent.

This post is for The Mad Jewess who works her butt off and momentarily is tired.  And for PumaBydesign001.  And for Maggie, Loopyloo305 and Sharon and Krystal and Barb and  Ann Barnhardt, VelvetHammer, Jacqueline and Madlyn and @maxicat,  @izzysroses, @Kathy_Amidon and MareZilla and so many more.  Saints.  All of whom work every day to make a difference, who get tired and beat down some times.  All who are a part of – the magnificence that is God.

God’s art work above is recorded – HERE


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17 Responses to For “The Mad Jewess” et al

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  2. veracity4truth says:

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  5. loopyloo305 says:

    Wow, totally awesome!!! God’s beauty if truly beauty! Thank you for sharing this, it is wonderful. Thank you for the mention as well, and God bless you. You, Puma, MJ, Zilla, and Grumpy are some of the best people on the blogging world!

  6. Thank you, and God bless you too, and may He bless and protect all of our friends.
    I love you all.

  7. bydesign001 says:

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    I thank and ask God to bless Lady Raven for this magnificent compilation, The Mad Jewess, artistic, brilliant and no doubt a gift from God and all mentioned herein. May God shower you with grace and blessings.


  8. bydesign001 says:

    Lady Raven,

    Thank you for the mention. All of the above are truly magnificent women, yourself included. It is both a pleasure and an honor to be among the watchers on the wall.

    6 I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence, 7 And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth. Isaiah 62:6-12 (KJV)

    Here’s to all of God’s angels and to his work. Humbling.

    God bless you.


  9. Lady Raven, these are truly breathtaking. I’ll visit the site and link in my sidebar. Thank you so much for including me among these inspiring women.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      They are breathtaking aren’t they? The pictures were all taken from the Canadian astronaut’s twitter page. He tweets are wonderful in their descriptions. Did you know at first that they were pictures of earth?

      • I figured it out only after looking at them here awhile. I thought the first one was a painting, then it came to me that these were taken from space or from the air with some amazing camera. Then I visited the site. Incredible.

  10. The MAD Jewess says:

    This was REALLY sweet of you to think of all of us.
    How dear you are.
    God bless you so much. 10000000 fold!

    I will link it up on my piece.
    God be praised for his glorious wonders.

    I added a f/b page. Come and like it 🙂 I will make all my co-bloggers admins so they can tos fascists.

  11. genomega1 says:

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    For “The Mad Jewess” et al

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