The Wolf Is Insane, Evil, or BOTH!

As it is all about him and his ROP (religion of power) by what sane logic does Hussein Obama believe that if our country loses it’s capabilities to protect itself, that he, personally, will not be the numero uno target the moment he stops bowing?  While that is his problem, we in America are in grave danger, and by extension our allies and the whole world.

One of America’s staunchest supporters – Trevor Loudon at his New Zeal Blog – h/t @izzysroses – excerpts from –

The REAL Obama Agenda – the Destruction of US Nuclear Defense – the Long Overdue Fightback Begins

At a meeting in Seoul Korea, March 2012, with then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, US President Barack Obama leaned toward Medvedev, thinking he was off mike and said, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him [Prime Minister Vladimir Putin] to give me space.” He added, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

That was the single most important statement made by Obama in his entire first term of office.

The destruction of the US nuclear deterrent and the American military has been Moscow’s, Beijing’s and Havana’s number one dream for decades.

It is what Obama’s communist mentors such as Frank Marshall Davis, Alice Palmer and Bill Ayers, have always worked relentlessly towards. Now their protege has the power to make that hellish fantasy a reality.

He goes on –  “A group of former senior military and civilian national security professionals today called on President Barack Obama to abandon his reported intention to make further, deep and apparently unilateral reductions in the U.S. nuclear arsenal.”

There are twenty in that “group” but it is going to take MILLIONS of Americans to put a stop to this.  Twenty will not cut it!  The buck stops here folks – with YOU and ME!

Write, call, e-mail, tweet Congress – see above tabs with all the contact information you could hope for.  WE, the people, are the only way to stop this madness and there are only two ways for us to go about it – there is a peaceful way, and there is a violent way.

If you think you can look the other way you are sorely mistaken.  You will be involved even if it is just cowering behind your screen door praying.  Today folks – start today I beg of you.


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    The Wolf Is Insane, Evil, or BOTH!

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