Video – Boehner Must Be Removed As Speaker

There are so many reasons Boehner must be removed as Speaker of the House.  Four years of caving, aka kissing Hussein Obama’s ass for starters – INCLUDING YESTERDAY!

This video was put together last night by Frank M. Davis, JR – administrator of the website – BENGHAZI TRUTH where he and others work tirelessly to get the House to move on bringing to justice those responsible (hello Hillary – hello Hussein Obama) for the deaths of four Americans in a land immeasurably hostile to our country.  

Nearly four months ago we were attacked again on 9/11, and the families of these men have seen no justice.  Other staff who were at Benghazi at the time are missing and unaccounted for.  They and their stories disappeared from sight the minute they boarded the plane out of Benghazi.

Obviously, John Boehner either has other priorities or he just doesn’t give a damn because Benghazi just sits there.  Raw and bloody and ignored.  Either way – his inaction (no consequences for actions or lack of actions) will cost other lives if he continues to allow this particular issue to just sit and mold.

PLEASE spread this video around – possibly it will be the catalyst for patriots to contact their Representatives and tell them – tomorrow – Boehner MUST GO!


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2 Responses to Video – Boehner Must Be Removed As Speaker

  1. upaces88 says:

    Don’t I feel like a dummy. I had great hopes for him vs. Pelosi.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Never a dummy! I’ve read too many of your comments and KNOW you are not a dummy. Some of us just have more knowledge in certain areas. Example, I read with interest that long conversation you had with cmblake6 with regard to afterlife. I didn’t join in because I have not had the experiences you two have had and therefore it was much more enjoyable to just sit back and learn. That same thing extends to people and I can promise you, prior to about eight years ago I knew absolutely nothing about any of them. Them being the rotten dirty skunk politicians! 🙂

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