Boehner MUST GO! Will He?

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A comment yesterday on one of my previous posts – Erik Rush said – The GOP leadership are in on it. They threw the election. Everything is smoke & mirrors in terms of their “opposition” to Obama. Welcome to tyranny.

A reminder that anyone here probably really doesn’t need – not a day goes by … 2008, 2012 … yeah, we don’t forget.  2013 is going to be a tough year for the House – we will see to that.  Dumping Boehner on Thursday (will they even try) will be the litmus test for a lot of those good ol boys.

An excerpt from Erik’s WND post Fiscal Cliff Countdown 

So when we speak of the GOP leadership too easily capitulating to Democrats in “fiscal cliff” negotiations, or failing to decisively pursue investigations into the Fast and Furious debacle, or Benghazigate, or vote-flipping machines, we are operating under a false premise – this being that GOP leaders possess a motivation to do so. For the last century, very few in our national leadership have held the founders’ vision for our nation. They are either established elites whose narcissism dictates they have the right to rule, or radicals cut from the cloth of our president who simply want what they could not legitimately earn.


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