“A Convenient Excuse To Make The Nasty Medicine Go Down Easier”

Totally ripped from Sam in the comments section @ The Conservative Treehouse – Prepare To Be Disarmed – The Holy Grail “Gun Control” Outline For Progressive, Professional, Leftists Exposed – Guest Post By Michelle

The real question is “Do you think your life is worth defending?” Are the lives of your wife and children worth defending? Diane Feinstein obviously thinks her life is worth defending since she holds a concealed weapons permit and has armed guards. Armed with guns, by the way, not with rocks or sticks or baseball bats. So if a rapist were to happen upon Miss Diane outside her home at night, she could defend herself. Yet she thinks that you, dear reader, should not be able to defend yourself from a rapist or mugger or authorities who would disarm you. You should calmly surrender your property and your life while hers is protected.

Gun control is not about hunting or the type of gun or the caliber of ammunition. It’s not about saving lives; that’s just a convenient excuse to make the nasty medicine go down easier. It is about the complete control of the population by the State and its agents. Before they can rob you blind and kill you, they must render you defenseless. That’s what gun control is about.


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1 Response to “A Convenient Excuse To Make The Nasty Medicine Go Down Easier”

  1. steve says:

    you hit the bulls eye on this one its not about gun control it’s all about people control,why all the mass shootings on obama’s watch’ because he is the one behind them using mind control on disturbed people to carry out his agenda for the new world order!

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