I Shant Be A Lady!

Papa (watching from above as he was truly an angel) would NOT approve of this post though his language could definitely have been called colorful when it came to politics.  Mama was known to wash our mouths out with soap!  NO lie!  Now I, with grown children of my own might ought to consider their responses but I think until such time as I have a hand full of grandchildren I shall just continue to wear purple, and I think some of you might know what that means…. 🙂
There was a time when I think most of us would not even consider putting these pictures anywhere on a blog.  For me, it started with Clinton – that down hill spiral to utter disdain/disgust for politicians in particular.  I am saddened to no longer have respect for many of those who speak for our country but I also no longer give a flying farthing.
The first pic should have gone viral by now as I believe the “incident” happened a couple of hours ago.  The second vomit inducing piece my BIL Dan sent this morning. 
That is all the tacky for this day.  Ya’ll have a lovely afternoon – and
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