Prescription For Sanity

When I need a ration of common sense I visit any of a number of outstanding wordsmiths, including but not limited to the with ‘tudePatriots Corner or PumbyByDesign001 or some of the writers at GrumpyElder who have the ability to ground me in very short order. Below are excerpts from a couple of posts at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. 

The Rott satisfies not only the common sense perspective but I gravitate to the way with words, expressions, the ability to dress down an individual or situation that satisfies the unfulfilled sailor nature in my blood –

“The wet panty “pragmatists” on the alleged Right” – – – – – “Now get out of the way, you puling infants. You have no fucking idea what you’re up against” – – – – – “Enjoy your self-inflicted terminal (due to lack of simple treatment if it had been provided in a timely fashion) cancers, dumbasses.  Ear Leader doesn’t give a shit.  He doesn’t need you anymore, now that you’ve handed him his second term.” 

It might be better said that thought-provoking, biting, in your face sarcasm will put my need to bitch-slap the world out of it’s misery any day!

On demographics

“We have to get this off of our chest as we’ve been driven to distraction by eggheads on “our side” poring over how the population is divided into this or that group and how we must, must tailor anything we say and do towards this “new reality” or we’re doomed, DOOMED they tell us.

Cut it out already.

That is exactly what we must NOT do, because that is everything that true conservatism/libertarianism is NOT all about. Our beliefs, inasmuch as we still believe in them and, if we don’t, then why bother?, are centered on two things: Individualism and liberty. Those two concepts care not one flying fuck about what particular “demographic” an individual belongs to and, moreover, nor do those individuals care one flying fuck. Freedom and independence are inherently cool, whether you’re white, black, yellow, candy-striped, Christian, atheist, Jewish, male, female, young, old, blond or ginger.” continue HERE

On voter fraud

“Listen, we know that a bunch of “important” voices on the right are tripping over themselves to avoid even as much as hinting at there possibly having been some shenanigans going on because, you know, let’s not be “crazy” here and let’s all be gracious losers and blah, blah, flippity-blech.

You know what they say about nice guys and their usual placement in a race? Yes, you do.

And we have to admit that there is an amazing correlation between the level of “nicety” on the part of the GOP and their losses. The “nicer” they get, the more likely they are to lose. Funny, that, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

What we’re talking about is that when every single traditional indicator of who’s going to win a close election, turnout, enthusiasm, economic indicators, incumbency, independent break, you name it, happen to point in the wrong direction, you have to at least lift an eyebrow. We’re not talking about just one or two of them, there IS a first time for everything, and there’s a reason why we call them “indicators” and not “indisputable predictors”, that reason being a correlation less than 100%, known to us math geeks as “certainty.”

But for ALL of them to be wrong? At the same time? Give us a break.” continued HERE

On Boehner – The comment section morphs into several other subjects and is well worth if not participating in, at least sitting around the pit listening as I do. 

“Just like the “racist” word, the invertebrate RINOs in Congress still fear words. They soil their underoos if there’s a chance that the Slimes will speak ill of them. They can produce a awesome budget plan from some of the best economic minds in Congress, yet the Keynesian Retard Paul Krugman can write another nasty, prevarication of an op-ed and they instantly have seizures and projectile vomiting. This of course always, but ALWAYS has the same ending. The Wimpy’s Hamburger RINO Solution™, the Party of Stoopid will gladly play along with tax increases for today, for payment in real spending cuts next Tuesday. Next Tuesday unfortunately is forgotten because the RINOs can bask in the ‘good’ press over the weekend, gushing how they reached bipartisan support for the latest fiscal problems. Come next week and you can bet the LSM will invent some story to put the GOP back on defense and the promised cuts disappear like blow in Charlie Sheen’s apartment.”  continue HERE

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