The Stick, The Carrot, The Tea-Party

Reading GrumpyElder’s post – Shock’s Over, Time To Get Back To Work I am almost as pissed off as I was Tuesday night and that is without the voter fraud information I was reading up on after yesterday’s post!
And I’m thinking – the conservatives (and for purposes of this post I am going to call all of us tea-partiers because it is such a dirty word with the GOP) got had by the Republican establishment – and they played us like a fiddle.
Think about what it was we wanted in a candidate.  Think about the passion/anger that had built up as we watched our beautiful country being torn to shreds. The GOP saw it, saw our outrage at BHO, played to that passion and we, conservative as we are, did not stay aligned with reason.  Reason would have dictated that we focus just as hard on the senate.
  • First they gave us McCain, which gave us Hussein Obama.
  • Next they gave us Romney, which also gave us Hussein Obama. Romney was hold-your-nose-but-palatable-small-carrot because at least he was a business man, a religious man, no ghouls in the closet.  Still we had to work like hell to make him better than the alternative.
  • They gave us Ryan.  No complaints there.
  • Then came the debates. A genius carrot of a move on that first one.  Romney assertive and in your face as we have begged, BEGGED for!
  • By the third debate red flags should have been seen everywhere. Romney sounded like McCain all over again.  Hell if I had been a democrat, I would have taken all the times he said he agreed with Hussein Obama, made a video, and on that one point alone could have demolished the tea-partiers right then and there! 
  • And how convenient was Benghazi.  Once more an assault on our values.  Same for Sandy except that was not man-made as everything else was.  
Bottom line, we lost the bigger picture for focusing on the carrots dangled in front of us.  And the bigger picture was to see that we secured the senate.  We focused on the main source of our anger – the presidency – and ended up losing both. 
GOP – traitors to this country just about every one of you.  And just FYI – your shelf life has expired.
We must regroup – refocus.  My suggestion is we start with doing everything in our power to see that Boehner is ousted.  More to follow.


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1 Response to The Stick, The Carrot, The Tea-Party

  1. Grog says:

    We need to get rid of at least 300 of the 535, but that’s not likely to happen, so remembering names seems like the best option.

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