Speechless In Ohio – Or Wherever This Hell Is!

While I may momentarily feel like a blank slate – cousin JZ does not.  This is what clearly articulated frustration sounds like –

“Hi Cuzzin Andrea. I was thinking of you and I feel the pain, too. So sad and so sorry.


It’s hard to come up with words to describe the way I feel this AM. Disappointment comes to mind but, there’s an element of fear involved. How on earth can something like this happen??? Election fraud comes to mind but, discounting that…are my fellow Americans so mis-informed and manipulated in an age where information is so readily available at their fingertips to bring on this result????

Well, nothing has really changed since the day before yesterday. Regime change will not occur. The United States of America is still on a path of “fundamental change,”  a term left to each American to define for themselves according to what they each believe that change might need to be. Basically, if something is wrong, government should be empowered and allowed to fix it. You didn’t build that.

Some of us have observed that “Hope and Change” thingy now morphed to “Forward” really means to trash the Constitution and Bill of Rights. But, that argument involves thought, facts and terms no longer valid for discussion due to the fact these “ideas” were originally contrived by old white guys a couple of hundred years ago. Truth is fast becoming a “conspiracy theory” it seems so, discounted and outdated in the climate of political correctness embracing Marxist collectivism over substance. Forget Constitutional “checks and balances” – Supreme Court will likely be stacked.

Bottom line….Are we still the United States or a dysfunctional divided nation? Well, the good news is that half the voters were paying attention. Truth must prevail but, the lies and deception will continue. We still need to fight for freedom in the hearts, souls and minds of men. I won’t give up. It’s always the darkest just before the dawn.

Today, I wonder if the future holds darker days and this weighs heavy on my heart. I will continue to trust in God and pray that well-meaning people who believe the Democrat party rhetoric of class warfare and racial division will wake up.

Pass me that jar o whiskey and don’t bogart that joint! …may have to move to Colorado and take up pot smoking to cause a drug induced stupor for the next four years. The zombies should be ashamed of themselves!”


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2 Responses to Speechless In Ohio – Or Wherever This Hell Is!

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  2. 1389AD says:

    Welcome to Zimbabwe. One man, one vote, one time.

    The election was clearly stolen.

    The GOP betrayed us by doing nothing about it.

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