Four Dead In Benghazi (video tribute)

This video is brand new.  117 views as of this writing.  I found it via  Greta Van Susteren.  “this video was tweeted to me — I don’t know who made it other than that it is in memory of those killed in Benghazi – watch and post your comment (PS-every America, regardless of political party feels terrible about the murders)”
It was uploaded by someone called BenghaziTruthProject – their address –  I can find absolutely nothing more on them – a start up.
In the more information section – “Demand the facts and the truth about Benghazi to properly honor our fallen heroes and their families”
AMERICA we MUST demand the facts! 
As citizen soldiers that is our job!
View the video while you can, it is very likely it will be removed by YouTube – the haters are already showing a total lack of interest in truth.  From comments section –

“Did You Receive Permission from Neil Young to Parody his song for the sake of this Crap? Or Does your ReThuglican Conspiracy ideal entitle you to take what ever you want?  Tell ya what. I am gonna send an email to Neil Young’s company and see if he has sanctioned this horrid despicable politically motivated piece of fecal matter.”


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