Listen Oh Ye Little Lambs – Your Time Has Come

I’m speaking to you Nevada and Iowa and Ohio and Colorado and New Hampshire and Virginia and Florida and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Minnesota!  As we close in on November 6th – 

Do you realize that the fate of the free world may well rest in your hands?

This election changed on 9/11/12 when our United States embassy in a far distant place called Benghazi was attacked by terrorists and four American’s died. Now the economic issues that still must be resolved pale in comparison. Please think carefully on the below.

Four men died that night in Benghazi, an ambassador, a worker, two Navy Seals. The Seals died in the last minutes of the seven hour fire fight. They died because they disobeyed orders from the White House to “stand down.” They died because of their deep belief that there be “no man left behind.”

Mark Steyn – “In those first moments of the attack, a request for military back-up was made by U.S. staff on the ground but was denied by Washington. It had planes and Special Forces less than 500 miles away in southern Italy – or about the same distance as Washington to Boston. They could have been there in less than two hours. Yet the commander-in-chief declined to give the order. So Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods fought all night against overwhelming odds, and died on a rooftop in a benighted jihadist hell hole while Obama retired early to rest up before his big Vegas campaign stop.”

If America does not have a Commander In Chief who honors his most solemn responsibility, that of having our backs – at all times – in all places – if he does not believe in his soul that no man must be left behind – than we are in for very rough days ahead. Every one of us. And as America goes, so goes the free world. 

How does that place the yolk of having an effect on the free world at your feet? By simply understanding that your voice, your vote counts! Those never ending pieces of political propaganda which we must endure for a few more days – wouldn’t be there if “they” didn’t need you.

It could have been Hillary.  Or you.  Or me.

Instead it was those truly watching our backs.

H/T The Last Refuge

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