YouFoes and Libs

YouFoes (h/t @flippintheraya) what libs blame BenghaziGate on because it sure as hell couldn’t have had anything to do with Barack Hussein Obama! There is a long, frustrating story (softened by flippins humor) of why that word came about tonight but I shall move on to something more important. These three quotes are from the video below – An Urgent Message For AmericaTrevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog.  It – needs – to – go – viral!
Just a few months ago the Australian Minister Defense was up in China and a top Chinese official embarrassed him publicly. He said now is the time for Australia to choose. Do you stay under American protection or do you come under Chinese protection? And that is the kind of offer, the kind of protection that Tony Soprano would offer you. AND this would not have happened under Reagan, Bush or even Clinton.
The big agenda is to rake your economy to a point that Americans will accept the gutting of their military. That is the agenda. Nothing else comes close to that as far as the Communists, as far as the Russians, and all their allies are concerned, because there is no where back for you from that point.
If Obama gets four more years, how much military do you think you will have left? And how effective will it be. And you think about this – if in four more years your military is way run down, the Russians have increased their armaments, the Chinese have built up their blue water navy in the Pacific, Iran has nuclear weapons, and everything is going in their favor, and a future Republican comes along and says I’m running for president. I’m going to rebuild the United States military to it’s former levels, to it’s former power. Do you think for one minute that the Russians and the Chinese and all their allies will sit on their hands and let you guys do it?
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