90% Of The Time She Loses Her Bets!

Take me with you to Las Vegas.  You are sure to become a millionaire!  There are those of us who bet there will be no election come November.  Please, Dear Lord, this is one I truly want to lose!  I want my say at the polls!  
These young people will have no say in November.  They are not of age.  Voices without a vote.  How frustrating for them it must be when you consider those of us preparing to vote are the ones who got their futures in the sorry mess they are in! 
On the other hand, if this video is any indicator, on a daily basis they pull that lever with many conversations that they have.  If it is left up to them, America has a very bright future.
This young man may be too young to vote also.  Still, he is speaking out, voting every day!


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