Keep Connecting The Dots America!

TRUTH – Our country is depending on YOU!

Information – vetted information – continues to flow in on who made The Innocence Of Muslims.  Still unresolved is who disseminated it, and why was it made/to what end?

Yesterday the who was clearly laid out at the Counter Jihad Report –  Innocence of Muslims film was Made by Terrorists.  Of special interest, in 2009 Nakola became a federal snitch.  Please consider – it can’t be very far to go from being a snitch, to becoming a pawn and doing the devil’s work, if it is to save one’s butt, or, if it will further one’s agenda.
Independently, but on the same wave length, Douglas J. Hagmann in the above post, and a YouTube user named Montagraph, have traced “Innocence of…” video to a defense contractor in Arlington, VA and – the Department of Homeland Security.
Whatever you do folks – don’t let it die there.  Our country and our very lives depend on you and me asking more and more questions.  Do not forget, the doors to DHS and the State Department open directly into the oval office.  
I will sit happily behind bars for saying I believe the whole frickin thing was planned/orchestrated by Barack Hussein Obama so long as patriots thruout this country keep digging for the truth in it. 
The MSM is having to give up on the Obama/Hillary/Rice narrative that the video caused all the problems and are now selling that it was a preplanned/coördinated attack by Al Quada.  More coördinated dissemination of information?  More obfuscation?  Not a lie this time, but more muddying the waters, buying time?
NOT vetted, just my own thoughts on dissemination: Obama had at his disposal the whole of the Muslim Brotherhood in pulling off the murders in Libya.  From vetted records (some day if we survive this the world is going to owe CreepingSharia a medal) of MB visits to the White House, to MB members as employees in the White House, the plan of action developed.  Yes, we know Obama is the pawn in their scheme of things, and that has to be delt with, but right now, America is being drawn into the war of all wars within our own borders.  We need truth!
The to what end is not in question as far as I am concerned and that is to take away our free speech and our guns.  Guns first.  They couldn’t do it thru Congress so that means force.  Think New Orleans.  Free speech is easy after that. The time line? Soon.  Very soon.  Keep your powder dry.
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