2008-2012 BitterClinger “Plogger” Awards!

OK, that’s it.  This was tough folks.  I have struggled with who to bestow “the” award on for some time.  Time to stop thinking about it and just do it.  Bright idea – mayhaps a daily award is in order!
Why today?  Because last nights post was very, very dark.  I am quickly getting a rep as a conspiracy theory nut – and that is fine – all I care about is that we ask the questions the media won’t.  Put these damn politicians (Obama FIRST) feet to the fire!  So I woke this morning with such a feeling of anger, alarm, isolation.  That is until I started reading – and so to all the arm chair warriors out there giving of your views, wisdom, humor, I say thank you.  Your words, as bullets, are helping shape our world –
My decision – as of this morning anyway as it changes with every dang post I read from these Ploggers (political bloggers) and twitter persons –
!!! TA DA !!!
Because I love the absurdity they expose – the 2008-2012 BitterClinger Plogger Award goes to GrannyJan/jihad Kitty – The Unofficial Obama Criticizer!
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10 Responses to 2008-2012 BitterClinger “Plogger” Awards!

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    Damn, such fine company I do not think I deserve to be there but will take the compliment.

    Thanks and peace through superior firepower, I hate Islam, Obama, environazis, Prius drivers, libtards, commies, faggots, white folks who suffer from reverse plantation syndrome (JImmy Carter or Bill Clinton, the second black POTUS), The brady Foundation, Mayor Bloomberg, The Clinton’s, Gov. Brown, Kitzhaber, Pelosi, Reid and the order does not matter except I hate Islam the most, then Obama.

    Oops, I am such a racist bastard and yeah, I am an ISLAMOPHOBE. Locked and loaded, come and get me, f–kin’ mussie camel licking, goat humping, child molesting and rapist towel heads.

    No, I HAVE NOT been drinking, yet! That will corrected shortly………

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  3. Thank you so much. I am touched, yes, very touched. And bitter. And clingy. My bitterness, it clings.

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  5. 1389AD says:

    Thanks very much for the shout-out!

  6. Thanks, Lady! But the kudos go to my co-blogger Keiko for the MareZilla post you linked, and actually most of the new posts at my place lately. Keiko has been on fire while I have been ill. I am happy to see my blog in good hands. I am sure she will be pleased when I tell her about the spiffy honor you’ve bestowed upon her work!

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