The Great (SOB) Divider

Two pictures that speak volumes.  One of my brothers was talking yesterday – “you do what’s right because it’s right.”  Liberals and conservatives interpret the word “right” in entirely different ways.  I’d like to see a corresponding picture rebuttal from the libs – but they can’t.

This short post well worth the read – via SipseyStreetIrregularsThe Brian Terry Exception


This picture sent to me by another brother.

US Senate & House of Representative; Phone and Fax List

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13 Responses to The Great (SOB) Divider

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  2. PatriotUSA says:

    Great video and yep, the last ten seconds are awesome. Look on sidebars at PC, there is a surprise JUST FOR YOU!

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      OH! OHHHHHHHHH – love it!!! Thank you! Was that AJ’s idea??????

      • PatriotUSA says:

        Damn it, I can’t get or steal credit for anything. And here I told tamj what a nice person you are.

        It is in the 90’s here and EVERYONE is sniveling, bwwwaaaa, heh! They were whining about no summer etc. now it is here. Big deal, I am from WEST TEXAS. Do I like the heat, ummm no but I can deal with it just fine. Melts the ice a bit too fast for my Ezra on the rocks is all. I just gulp it down quicker, no problem at all.

        AJ, meanwhile is quite the lazy slaggard when it gets over 70, and is sleeping the heat away in front of the registers where our CENTRAL AC blows out. We are so evil and wasting our precious resources when we run the AC. Of course I do not care and plan to
        use my share before the environazis try to take it away. I would love that!

        If I can sneak a pic of the editor while he is working so I hard, I will. Tried to give him a
        bath and he wrecked the hose, in various spots to render it useless. I will get him.

        • LadyRavenSDC says:

          LOL – now where’s the parenting skills? Ya gotta tell him – he wrecked it, he’s gotta fix it! 🙂

          • PatriotUSA says:

            It is beyond repair and then he had the nerve to bring a piece of it inside to show the Mrs. We hauled his ass into the tub and he got his bath, what a mess. Now he is all pissy and mad at us which will last till dinner time.

  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Very good, especially the last 10 seconds. You have your own spot o side bar at PC.

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  5. PatriotUSA says:

    This may be racist but roll ’em in tortillas and toss ’em back across the border. They come back again then they we ship them to europistan. Time to ban any and all immigration until our country can get a bit of stability. BTW..F–k obama.

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