HOUSE (R) Twitter (copy/paste)

This list is intended to allow you to copy, then paste, multiple Representatives into a single tweet.  They are NOT linked and do not need to be, twitter does it automatically. Republicans ONLY.
The beauty of twitter is that unlike when contacting a Rep by phone or e-mail, they do not know what area of the country you hail from and therefore cannot just write off your concerns because you are not in their state!  With a short message like BENGHAZI TRUTH NOW! you can probably tweet eight, maybe nine, at a time.
@RepJoBonner @RepMarthaRoby @RepMikeRogersAL @Robert_Aderholt @RepMoBrooks @BachusAL06 @repdonyoung @RepGosar @salmoncongress @RepDavid @RepTrentFranks @RepRickCrawford @RepTimGriffin @rep_stevewomack @tomcottonAR @RepMcClintock @joinpaulcook @RepJeffDenham @dgvaladao @DevinNunes @GOPWhip @BuckMcKeon @RepGaryMiller @RepEdRoyce @KenCalvert @RepJohnCampbell @DanaRohrabacher @DarrellIssa @RepTipton @repcorygardner @RepDLamborn @RepMikeCoffman @Rep_Southerland @TedYoho @AnderCrenshaw @RonDeSantisFL @micaforcongress @congbillposey @RepWebster @RepRichNugent @Bilirakis @RepDennisRoss @VernBuchanan @TomRooney @treyradel @MarioDB @RosLehtinen @JackKingston @RepWestmoreland @RepTomPrice @AustinScottGA08 @Douglas_Collins @RepPaulBrounMD @RepPhilGingrey @RepTomGraves @Raul_Labrador @CongMikeSimpson @PeterRoskam @ElectRodneyIL @RepHultgren @RepShimkus @RepKinzinger @repaaronschock @jackiewalorski @RepStutzman @ToddRokita @SusanBrooks2012 @Luke_Messer @RepLarryBucshon @RepToddYoung @TomLatham @SteveKingIA @CongHuelskamp @RepLynnJenkins @RepKevinYoder @RepMikePompeo @RepEdWhitfield @RepGuthrie @RepThomasMassie @RepHalRogers @RepBoustany @RepFleming @USRepAlexander @BillCassidy @RepAndyHarrisMD @CongressmanDan @RepHuizenga @repjustinamash @RepDaveCamp @RepFredUpton @RepWalberg @RepMikeRogers @CandiceMiller @KerryBentivolio @repjohnkline @RepErikPaulsen @MicheleBachmann @RepAlanNunnelee @GreggHarper @CongPalazzo @RepAnnWagner @VickyHartzler @SmallBizGOP @auctnr1 @JoAnnEmerson @DainesforHouse @JeffFortenberry @LeeTerry2012 @RepAdrianSmith @AmodeiNevada @RepJoeHeck @RepLoBiondo @RepJonRunyan @RepLanceNJ7 @RodneyforNJ @RepStevePearce @RepPeteKing @repmichaelgrimm @RepChrisGibson @RepRichardHanna @RepTomReed @collinsNY27 @RepReneeEllmers @RepWalterJones @RepVirginiaFoxx @HowardCoble @RichHudson @RobertPittenger @PatrickMcHenry @RepMarkMeadows @RepHolding @RepKevinCramer @RepSteveChabot @RepBradWenstrup @Jim_Jordan @boblatta @RepBillJohnson @RepBobGibbs @SpeakerBoehner @RepMikeTurner @TiberiPress @DaveJoyceOH14 @RepSteveStivers @RepJimRenacci @Bridenstine4OK @RepMullin @FrankDLucas @tomcoleok04 @RepLankford @repgregwalden @MikeKellyPA @RepScottPerry @CongressmanGT @JimGerlach @RepMeehan @RepFitzpatrick @RepBillShuster @RepTomMarino @RepLouBarletta @KRPA12 @DentPressShop @JoePitts4PA @RepTimMurphy @RepTimScott @CongJoeWilson @RepJeffDuncan @TGowdySC @RepMickMulvaney @RepTomRice @RepKristiNoem @DrPhilRoe @RepChuck @DesJarlaisTN04 @RepDianeBlack @MarshaBlackburn @RepFincherTN08 @replouiegohmert @JudgeTedPoe @SamsPressShop @RepHensarling @RepJoeBarton @CongCulberson @RepKevinBrady @McCaulPressShop @ConawayTX11 @RepKayGranger @MacTXPress @TXRandy14 @RepBillFlores @RandyNeugebauer @LamarSmithTX21 @PeteOlson @RepKenMarchant @michaelcburgess @farenthold @RepJohnCarter @PeteSessions @SteveStockmanUS @RepRobBishop @ChrisStewart4UT @jasoninthehouse @RobWittman @RepScottRigell @Randy_Forbes @RepRobertHurt @RepGoodlatte @EricCantor @RepMGriffith @RepWOLFPress @HerreraBeutler @DocHastings @cathymcmorris @davereichert @RepMcKinley @RepShelley @RepPaulRyan @JimPressOffice @RepSeanDuffy @RepRibble @CynthiaLummis


15 Responses to HOUSE (R) Twitter (copy/paste)

  1. @CongJoeWilson is someone whose Twitter page seems to have been deleted…. and quite a few before him have been deleted as well. I wonder what’s up with that? Do they not want to hear from We The People? Or did they find it useless to have Twitter accounts and a busy schedule?

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I suspect if you found several in a row Twitter was playing with your account or who knows what. Wilson is still there, I just pulled him up –
      You had address it right. Couple of things I found in getting the 113th list together – newbies often are still using their campaign twitter accts. I feel sure they will all have official twitter accounts soon and I will be reviewing the newbies again.
      Something else I found – I am working on the Senate list for Democrats – there were three for sure, might have been a fourth, who in 112th congress did not have twitter accounts. I’ve no idea why but they just didn’t participate in twitter. All three were not re-elected. Just an odd thing.

  2. The Conservative Diva says:

    Thanks for the info….sharing immediately! Any chance someone can compile a Twitter List of these morons~~~>

  3. Thank you for posting all of these! We maintain Twitter lists of House and Senate, each separated by GOP and Democrats. Feel free to use them:

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  8. Damned handy! Thanks! I copied it as a text file to save locally.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      If you haven’t already – there are tabs here also for Senate. They are separated into Republicans and Democrats. These lists will get updated with the new year.

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  10. Tony says:

    Lets get on with the Job you were sent to do People! That’s right you are the people to unless you forgot just you won the most popular guy or gal vote don’t mean you get to jack around till the next election. WTF start stomping your feet make some F&cking noise. I Can’t hear YOU!!!!!!

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